Your automotive tooling source. The Precision Group encompasses Tool & Die, Fixture & Gauge, and Advanced Manufacturing, design along with complete manufacturing and production capability in two closely located facilities. We can carry tool programs from concept to PPAP submission.

Our Quality Policy

An uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction by providing products and services of such quality that our customers will receive superior value and our employees and business partners will share in our success.

We have a commitment to meeting internal and customer requirements, regulatory and statutory requirements as well as to continually improve the effectiveness of the qualitymanagement system. Through internal procedures and the auditing of our quality system, The Precision Group will strive to provide our customers with on time, defect free products that exceed all of our customers' expectations.

Training and growth is an inherent part of the commitment to continuously improve on our quality system and in turn provide our customers with an ever-improving level of product and service quality.

Company Profile

The Precision Group is made up of Precision Fixture & Gauge, Precision Advanced Manufacturing  and Precision Tool &  Die.

Our Fixture & Gauge group has the complete facility to design, manufacture and certify your gauging requirements  including: attribute gauges, SPC gauges, shop floor gauges, models, etc. We have the capacity within the fixture division to provide checking fixtures and gauges for complete tooling programs with excellent lead  times.

Our Advanced Manufacturing group has the complete facility to design, manufacture and certify your specialized or production tooling and part requirements. As well as being able to run production tandem or progressive dies.

Our third group Precision Tool & Die, has the complete facility to design, manufacture and certify your die and tooling requirements including: blank dies, transfer dies, line dies and progressive dies, etc.

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